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A community of learners who strive for more.


Kensington English was founded by British-born and qualified Primary and TESOL teacher, Kathryn Naegeli MEd QTS. This is her story:

For as long as I can remember, I have been a teacher. From lining my dolls up aged 5 to teach them their ABCs to peer tutoring and giving oboe lessons throughout high school and University, I have always loved sharing my passions and supporting others in their learning. I became a teacher to inspire learners to search for those "light bulb moments" and discover the world in which we live.

Since qualifying in the UK, I have taught in a number of British and international schools. After 3 years living and working in Switzerland, an idea came to me one night on the run up to my wedding (my grandma always said to ask a busy person if you want something done!). After much effort and support from my nearest and dearest, Kensington English was born.

My first goal was to create a learning environment based on mutual respect, discovery and a sense of community. My mission remains to inspire curiosity and promote independent thought through a holistic and bespoke curriculum; created in collaboration with the students – not simply focussing on their needs but adapting it to their wants and interests, whilst encouraging them to value and take ownership of their learning.

I am often asked why I am trying to reinvent the wheel and my answer is simple:
The world is changing so fast. We don’t know what the future, their future, holds but I believe that equipping students with self-confidence, problem-solving, communication and leadership skills will be key to their success as our future leaders of the next generation.

Three years on, Kensington English welcomes nearly sixty students and their families each week to what was recently described as a “home from home”. It is an honour each day to work with them all and I hope to be able to work with you too.


Kathryn has the pleasure of working with a team who share these values and hopes for the future:

Anna Basler 
Graduate of St Louis University

Anna is a specialist Early Years teacher
born in the United States, who joins us to lead the
Baby and Toddler Playgroups and Pre School Classes.


Edwina Cornelius
PGCE Primary

Edwina is a passionate Primary teacher
who seeks to inspire students to explore
their natural curiosity and grow exponentially.


Matilda Nordhal

Matilda is a qualified Early Years teacher
born in Sweden specialising in Science education
and will lead the new Science clubs.

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Niki Bell

Niki is Director of Music at a prominent co-ed school in the UK and offers her expertise and vast experience
as a West End Performer, BBC Singer and Vocal Coach during our Music and Drama Workshops
and Holiday Camps.


Linda Breitkreuz Chauvet
Current Student at University of Skövde

After years of travels and business experience,
Linda acts as the brain of Kensington English.
Her support in the day to day runnings
helps facilitate greater learning.

Other Collaborations:



Dr Deborah Schneider
Exceptional Education




Isabelle John
Independent Parenting Coach


Dr Maria Macedo Aerias
Cool Science for Kids

Dave Burrows
SnowPros Ski School

Xanthe Visram Jennings
Bite Sized Book Corner

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